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Bushranging in North Queensland.

An early clue for this film is from the pages of the Northern Miner, published in Charters Towers, Queensland on Monday 4th March 1904. It reads: "Winton Notes. General. The Salvation Army Biorama Company concluded a very successful season of two nights here tonight, the barracks being crowded on each occasion that it almost amounted to suffocation. Major Perry manipulated the apparatus and everything went off without a hitch. Today the Major interested himself in a scene depicting "bushranging in the olden days" wherein a coach is shown "stuck up" by Winton bushrangers, the robbing of the passengers and the ultimate shooting of the "gang" by the coachdriver. This film will be distributed in full course in London, where he expects it will take on well."

Major Joseph Perry acted as head of production for the Major's Biorama Company, one of two touring Limelight Division subsections at the time, and both screening and producing films as they went.

An account of the shoot appears in The Winton Herald: "The Major having arranged his kinematograph camera, two pictures were taken. The first was a scene of fearful carnage, in which the passengers, including the ladies, were shot, and the mails rifled. In the second picture the tables were turned, the coach going at full gallop past the bushrangers, whilst the coachman emptied his revolvers and incidentally the saddles of the bushrangers' horses."